Wood Briquettes

Place of Origin: Germany
Brand Name: Pini Kay wood Briquette
Model Number: wood Briquette
Product name: Pini Kay wood Briquette
Raw Material: wood

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The briquettes are made from sawdust, shavings, and wood chips. Our briquettes offer easy, convenient combustion and are suitable for burning in multi-fuel stoves, log burners, and open fireplaces. Our briquettes are 100% natural and produced from wood that is sourced in Russia, and contain no additives.

The briquettes are made from wood only. There are zero additives, zero chemicals, and no pressure-treated products included. It’s just wood!

Low Moisture. Decreased creosote and ash. Versatile. Convenient. Eco-friendly. Cost-effective. Insect free!

Brick Size: approximately 2-1/2″ x 4″ x 6. Pallet Sizes available: 1/2 ton and 1 ton (864 bricks to a ton).

Bricks are shrink-wrapped in packs of nine, stacked and palletized in each unit. Tarp is provided to cover pallets from weather elements, but we still recommend that bricks are not stored outdoors.


-Small packs 6-10kg.

-Bagged briquettes are delivered on pallets.

-Full pallet 1000kg.


Caloric value: 4640 Kcal / Kg

Ash content: <0.7%

Moisture: <10%

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